Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An impromptu photo session...

Hard to believe that a just a few short years ago this was my niece Allie... Wasn't she so cute! Just look at those chubby cheeks! Aww, so cute! Now, she is a Senior in high school!!! Yikes!! Where has the time gone! She has grown up so fast!! To think next year she will be off at college! WOW, doesn't that make me feel old!

Just like most seniors do, you take a senior picture. Do you remember the classic cap and gown pictures you take for graduation and the yearbook? Not the most attractive pictures usually. Well, Allie and I decided that while we were in Covington for Christmas, we would have our own little senior photo session. Meaning, I told her I would try to take some pictures for her to use for different high school events, college applications, Sorority Rush letters and so on.

I was so excited at how well the pictures turned out from our little session! There are so many great ones to choose from but here are just a few of my personal favorites... And here are a couple of funny outtakes from the day! I am sure Allie will kill me for posting but I think they are adorable....
I know I am a little bias, because I am her Aunt but I think Allie is the prettiest, most adorable, sweetest Senior there is around! I love you Allie!
Now, on to editing the pictures for her!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Recap of Christmas 2010

Every year we head south to Tennessee for Christmas. It is always such a hectic time since we do not get back much! So many people to see, family to visit with, cooking, shopping and such. You know the deal! This year was just as hectic, if not more! However, the boys have so much fun with their cousins and are spoiled beyond belief!
Here is a recap of our Tennessee Christmas.

Story time with Allie, horsey rides from Ashford, basketball,and lots of cooking!
Our big family gathering is on Christmas Eve, everyone comes over to visit, and eat. Just look at all the food! There is just something about my Memaw's food that I just love! Especially her dressing and pecan pie! Yummy! And lets not even talk about the presents, I think I can still see wrapping paper flying in the air! Holden and Rylan were thrilled that they both received cowboy chaps, toy guns and a holster! I mean really what more could two cowboys ask for! Oh, and just look at their new pirate backpacks, ADORABLE! Once the festivities were over, it was time to make reindeer food and sprinkle it all over the yard. I am pretty sure Santa's reindeer can still see the glitter in the yard if they looks close enough. And we can not forget about Santa, we set out the cookies the boys had made for him along with some milk. With it being such a busy day and the boys were exhausted, I totally forgot to take a picture of the boys before bed. But I just happened to get some funny ones of my sisters family.
I am sure you can guess, Christmas morning was filled with excitement and cheer when Holden and Rylan saw all the gifts Santa had left behind.
We let the boys pick out one gift for one another and Rylan's gift to Holden...the Black Eyed Peas cd. He loves it! We have listened to it over and over and over again!!! And Holden's gift to Rylan, moon dough which he loves too! Yes, the excitement is worth all the trouble of search for the perfect gifts!
I know the boys had a blast visiting their cousins and family! Rylan said just today, "I go to Memaw's to see the star." If you are wondering what star that is, it is the water tower star. Funny what kids remember!

Merry Christmas from Tennessee!