Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to a Routine

One of our favorite activities is going to the library. In Alpharetta we visited every Friday, it was such a treat. However, since we moved here we have not been yet. I know bad Mommy! I decided last week we would give it a shot to see if we could get a library card. Since I have not changed my license or registered to vote in Ohio I was not sure we would be able to receive one. Thankfully I brought the deed to the house and that was all we need to show we pay taxes. And trust me we pay enough of those!!!
All I have to say is wow! This library is amazing!!! There is a huge Children's section with computers, puzzles, story area, up to date DVD movie selection, a Cafe, and tons and tons of books. The librarian in the Children's Department is wonderful too! She remembered us from last week and put aside Cowboy and Superhero books just for us!!! Not too many people would be that thoughtful or helpful for that matter. As Holden told her, "This is awesome!"
We are all excited to be back into our routine!! And to have such a wonderful library and library staff at our fingertips is an added bonus too.

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