Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

New Year's Day Breakfast

Is it really 2010?! The beginning of a new year and a new decade! This past year brought some unexpected changes and challenges. But isn't that life, changing, never staying the same. I think it is safe to say, Ohio was probably not on my list of places to live. Or never on a list:) But with our changes this year it came with blessings which have taught us to be grateful for what we have and not what we do not have. It has also taught us that as long as we have each other that is all we really need.

With the start of a new year, I make a list of goals, nothing too crazy, just something to keep me on track with what I would like to accomplish for the year. Time goes by so quickly and I really do not want to look back with regrets or missed opportunities. So my wish for this upcoming year is to live happy, healthy, and make some wonderful memories in our new "home". Life is so short and the boys are growing so quickly I vow to treasure these days, have fun, and act silly. They are only little once! I look forward to a great 2010 with lots of memories and lots of laughter! Happy New Year and welcome 2010!!

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