Thursday, January 6, 2011

Never Say Never!

Before having children or even getting married I had a list of things I said I would never do. Here are just a couple of examples....

First, I said, "I will never live in the suburbs, I am a city girl." Yes, even before we had kids we made the decision to buy a house in the suburbs.

Next, I said, "I will never, ever drive a mini van." Right before Rylan was born, Kevin took it upon himself to trade his car in for something new. And what did he surprise me with, a mini van. Yes, I was kicking and screaming! But ever since, I've been sportin' the swagger wagon in the suburbs!

And finally, I said. "I will never allow bumper stickers, decals, or magnets on my car. They are tacky! That is where I draw the line. Nothing is allowed to go on my car, ever." Well, low and behold, what do you see.....a magnet plastered on the car!! And no, we can not be like every other person with junk on their car and place the "stuff" of the back trunk. Oh no! Holden has decided he likes it on the side of the car! Why? Yes, that is where he sits and he is the basketball player and wants to show everyone! I know I am terrible but I have hidden the magnet several times but somehow it keeps making its way back to the car. Oh, the things I allow!

As you can see that list has come back to haunt me on several occasions and today marks another one. So, the moral of the story, NEVER SAY NEVER!


Christi said...

I COMPLETELY understand! I sure thought there was no way I would live in the same town I grew up in or marry someone I went to school with or drive a mini-van or wear a t-ball shirt that said I was someone's mom! All of which are things I deeply love now :)

nicole said...

Amen! I said I'd never drive a van and now you couldn't pay me money to take my mini-van away...Jan says all the time, "Respect the van." Just like on the Odyssey commercials. :-)

Elizabeth said...

So funny Christi! I am thinking I will be sportin' a shirt or jersey in the near future! I know Nicole, the things we say we would never comes full circle! We have an Odyssey too but I love the Swagger Wagon rap/commercial. It is just too funny!