Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You have mail!!

We are in full swing for Valentine's Day!!! I have the decorations out and I have been crafting to make new ones too. Here are some crafts that I have made so far... Sweet Becky Ann sent some decorations too. In one of the many boxes, was a Valentine mailbox. I decided it would be fun to place a treat in it each day. The boys know that when the flag is up, they have mail. This usually happens after school or after lunch. As you may expect this has been a big hit!!! How could you resist this sweet smile!!! (Rylan was climbing as fast as he could to get in his highchair for his treat so I missed the picture of him:) But trust me he loves it too! :)

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Amy said...

Liz, I love the banner! I HOPE I TAKE AFTER YOU AND AM A CRAFTY MOM!!! I really want to do fun things like that with Mills on Fridays; when he gets old enough. Erik and I don't celebrate V-day, because working at the flower shop fo 9 years ruined it for me, but I want to start doing SOMETHING, because I want Mills to be able to learn about and experience ALL of the holidays. So, this year I've already bought him some Valentines to fix and take to Mimi June's for all of the children. I am even going to make and decorate cookies. Woa! This should be interesting.