Saturday, February 27, 2010

Star of the Week

Holden was Star of the Week this past week at preschool. He was so excited! He loves to be in charge, so this was right up his ally.

They asked some questions and here were some of his responses...
(If you are wondering why Port is backwards, he said he ran out of space and had to write it on the back)
His self portrait. I believe it is safe to say he is not Picasso. And more about our visiting Flat Stanley later. He shared his favorite treats with his friends. (Gummies and Superhero stickers)
Kevin showed up as the mystery reader and surprised him. We ended the day with his favorite, McDonald's and star cookies.
It must be fun being a preschooler!


This week has been full of quotes from Holden that I just had to share....

Let me preface the first quote by saying I stopped nursing Rylan when he was 9 months old. And the boys do not give me ANY privacy! So while I was getting dressed Holden said,
"Mom do you think next time that you give Rylan milk from your booby that you can get chocolate milk? Because it is my favorite."

Holden has been obsessed with my hair since he was a baby. He does not like for me to wear it up at all! When he was younger he would cry until I pulled it down. I am not exaggerating. Now Rylan has become the same way! He tries to pull my ponytail out each time. The other night I pulled my hair back and Holden said the usual,
"Pull your hair down!" I asked why? He responded, "When you wear your hair down you look like mommy, and when you wear it up you look like Lizzie Pooh"
I really do feel for his future wife! She will never be able to wear her hair up, ever!

Rylan hit his head on the kitchen chair and Holden looked at Rylan and said,
"You are going to damage your brain. Don't you know that your brain is in your head and you are not suppose to damage it. You really should consider yourself."

You never know what Holden is going to say. I have a feeling when Rylan begins to talk he is going to be the same!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Over the weekend we had visitors from Georgia. You guessed it, the Grandparents and Aunt Jen-Jen came to visit! The boys were so excited to see everyone!! Here are some of the highlights from the weekend...

Even though Holden was elated to see Grammy, Dad-Daddy and Jen-Jen he was not willing to give up his weekly Friday Night Movie night! So they joined in the fun. We visited the Museum Center, Jungle Jim's (always a tourist sight), Graeters Ice cream (yummy!!), played in the leftover snow, and even taught, well, tried to teach Grammy to play the WII. All and all, it was a great weekend with lots of fun. Everyone was sad to see them go. We are so thankful for them and most of all for driving such a long way to see us! See you guys soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love bargains!!! My lasted bargain was found at the Ballard Design Outlet. Who knew there would be an outlet so close by! I know Kevin was thrilled to find out too. HA!! I have been eyeing a laundry rack in the catalog for months and finally they had some at the outlet. Most of them were badly damaged or missing hardware but I just happened to find one. I was really wanting white not off white but for $50.00 compared to $200.00 I can live with the color! See how great it is off the floor and out of the way!I must say a great purchase!

Next bargain was for Kevin, he was in need for some flannel sleepwear. Mind you it is freezing here but all of the stores are stocked with spring clothing. I was lucky enough to find two pairs of flannel pants for $10.00. Great price but look what happened after the first washing...
They are no longer pants but now capris!!! I laughed so hard!!! I guess cheaper is not always better!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

President's Day & Fat Tuesday

School was out for President's Day, however, we are getting blasted with another snowstorm. We are expecting to get another 7-9 inches on top of the 8 we had last week. Fun, Fun.
To make the most of the holiday besides trying to stay warm, we lassoed the presidents (frozen coins in ice) and made funny people out of coins.
Fat Tuesday, it was still snowing, and I was afraid our Mardi Gras kids party was going to be cancelled due to the snow. I decided we would have our own little party this morning. We listened to Mardi Gras music, danced, threw beads, and made Mardi Gras cookies. The boys had a blast making colored sugar crystals,(we were a little off with the color purple but oh well)icing cookies and who could forget eating their creations. Finally the snow let up and we were able to join our friends for a celebration too. The kids enjoyed playing together, Rylan enjoyed kissing little Olivia, pizza and king cake. Who knew you could get king cake all the way up here?!And our delightful host, Miss Sarah, is always dressing for the occasion:)

Happy (Belated) President's Day and Happy Mardi Gras!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Boot Envy

Rylan must not understand that he is probably risking his life wearing Holden's boots. Holden loves these boots more than anything!!! He wears them on a daily basis and would completely lose it if he found out Rylan was playing with them. Rylan has his own but I think he just loves big brother's boots. Oh no, two cowboys in one house!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know Kevin says every year that Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday, however, I really do not care. Made up or not, the boys and I love celebrating!

I made chair backers for their Valentine's cards, which was a surprise for them. Holden thought it was great that they each had their own special chair. I had a couple of little items that I picked up after Christmas shopping. But I had to add sunglasses for Rylan since he has tried to confiscated Holden's (which I know will not end up well!!! If you know what I mean.)
And we all know that Valentine's Day is not complete without heart shaped pancakes, muffins and champagne! I think you can see a little hand in the background ready to eat!!What a fun day! I tried to explain to Holden that after today Valentine's Day is over and the mailbox is going to go away. Well, lets just say, that did not go over well, at all. He kept asking WHY??? Oh, what have I created!!! I am not in denial, I do know that I have created my own monsters...but at least they are two cute monsters!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

First playgroup

While Holden is at preschool on Fridays, Rylan and I usually attend MOM's playgroup. After moving and the holidays, finally this past Friday it was our turn to host. With Valentine's Day so close, I went with the heart theme.

The kids, and mommies too, enjoyed lots of fun Valentine's treats.
I think everyone had a great time, especially getting out after all the snow!! I know Rylan enjoyed having his little friends over for a playdate. He could not contain himself from dancing with the girls!!! I know the boys (and myself too) are so happy to have met so many great new friends in the short time we have been here! We are looking forward to many more playgroups and fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We are in a Winter Wonderland! Or rather snow overload here in Ohio! I am not sure what the total snow fall amounts, but as you can see from the pictures we have a lot! And finally schools are closed!!

Here are pictures of the boys playing in the snow Tuesday. Have I mention Rylan is not so fond of the snow??? On the other hand, Holden could stay out for hours!Here are pictures from today! Yes, that is the mail box! Now, some of snow packed by the mailbox was caused by the snow plows but you get the idea. We have a lot of the white stuff! I must admit, the snow is pretty but I think I could do without bitter cold!!!