Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love bargains!!! My lasted bargain was found at the Ballard Design Outlet. Who knew there would be an outlet so close by! I know Kevin was thrilled to find out too. HA!! I have been eyeing a laundry rack in the catalog for months and finally they had some at the outlet. Most of them were badly damaged or missing hardware but I just happened to find one. I was really wanting white not off white but for $50.00 compared to $200.00 I can live with the color! See how great it is off the floor and out of the way!I must say a great purchase!

Next bargain was for Kevin, he was in need for some flannel sleepwear. Mind you it is freezing here but all of the stores are stocked with spring clothing. I was lucky enough to find two pairs of flannel pants for $10.00. Great price but look what happened after the first washing...
They are no longer pants but now capris!!! I laughed so hard!!! I guess cheaper is not always better!!!


Amy said...

Liz!!! Great minds...they think a like ;) I want that SAME rack for my laundry room in my new house. I was telling Erik the other day that I needed to look and see where it could go. We will have cabinets on our wall, of course, but I am hoping to have a place for it. Its much easier than dragging out the one I have folded up behind our bedroom door. LOL!

Elizabeth said...

That is funny. Great mids do think alike. If you know what color and size you want I can keep my eyes out for you and bring it home the next time I visit. I am contantly visiting the outlet. I love the rack!!! You have to have one, they are great!