Tuesday, February 16, 2010

President's Day & Fat Tuesday

School was out for President's Day, however, we are getting blasted with another snowstorm. We are expecting to get another 7-9 inches on top of the 8 we had last week. Fun, Fun.
To make the most of the holiday besides trying to stay warm, we lassoed the presidents (frozen coins in ice) and made funny people out of coins.
Fat Tuesday, it was still snowing, and I was afraid our Mardi Gras kids party was going to be cancelled due to the snow. I decided we would have our own little party this morning. We listened to Mardi Gras music, danced, threw beads, and made Mardi Gras cookies. The boys had a blast making colored sugar crystals,(we were a little off with the color purple but oh well)icing cookies and who could forget eating their creations. Finally the snow let up and we were able to join our friends for a celebration too. The kids enjoyed playing together, Rylan enjoyed kissing little Olivia, pizza and king cake. Who knew you could get king cake all the way up here?!And our delightful host, Miss Sarah, is always dressing for the occasion:)

Happy (Belated) President's Day and Happy Mardi Gras!

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