Saturday, February 27, 2010


This week has been full of quotes from Holden that I just had to share....

Let me preface the first quote by saying I stopped nursing Rylan when he was 9 months old. And the boys do not give me ANY privacy! So while I was getting dressed Holden said,
"Mom do you think next time that you give Rylan milk from your booby that you can get chocolate milk? Because it is my favorite."

Holden has been obsessed with my hair since he was a baby. He does not like for me to wear it up at all! When he was younger he would cry until I pulled it down. I am not exaggerating. Now Rylan has become the same way! He tries to pull my ponytail out each time. The other night I pulled my hair back and Holden said the usual,
"Pull your hair down!" I asked why? He responded, "When you wear your hair down you look like mommy, and when you wear it up you look like Lizzie Pooh"
I really do feel for his future wife! She will never be able to wear her hair up, ever!

Rylan hit his head on the kitchen chair and Holden looked at Rylan and said,
"You are going to damage your brain. Don't you know that your brain is in your head and you are not suppose to damage it. You really should consider yourself."

You never know what Holden is going to say. I have a feeling when Rylan begins to talk he is going to be the same!

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Amy said...

I sooo needed a laugh today! Thanks so much :)