Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Festivities in Full Swing

As Kevin always says, "You can't miss a holiday can you!" I am sure you can hear the sarcasm! Well, it is true, I love holidays especially doing fun things for the kids. And we are in full swing for Valentine's Day! In addition to our special deliveries in the mailbox, we started our valentine meals. There is just something about heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches and heart pizza that makes lunch time a little bit more fun! Plus, for some reason they both seem to eat more! Go figure!

And more decorations....here is my version of the Pottery Barn Kids Vintage Valentine hearts. Holden helped cut out the images that we clued on. He really did a great job. Heart doily banners for the door to the boys rooms.
And a white banner. I took advantage of the red dining room since it will not be red for long...

I know I go a little overboard but enjoy doing it! As you can see we are in the spirit, even if it is just Valentines Day!


Christi said...

Can I rent you? I need someone to come do the cutesy-craft things with my kids that I want to do, but just don't have the energy to do!

Kendra said...

You continue to inspire me.