Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend snow and parties

I feel like I am a broken record, but it snowed again. The latest storm brought lots of ice and about 8 inches of snow.

The boys had fun playing in the snow and sledding!
Since they are well prepared here for the snow and ice, by mid-afternoon the roads were clear enough to drive. So we attended a Pre-Superbowl Party on Saturday night to help a mom in our MOMS group raise money for her walk in the Avon Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. We had a great time...but I forgot my camera. There were so many kids and parents. I think everyone needed to get out of the house after all this snow and it was for a great cause too. Holden had so much fun that he did not want to go home!! It was boy overload with toys and games...who could blame him.

Superbowl Sunday, we attended our monthly potluck. How is works is myself and two other moms rotate each month from each others house. The hosting mom provides the main entree and the other moms divide up sides and dessert. We usually meet during the week and let the kids play from 4-6 and then we divide up the food and everyone goes home with an entire meal and tired kids. What is better than that. This time the husband were invited. I was assigned dessert this month. But again I forgot to take pictures of the kiddos playing! I do not know where my mind was, maybe on all that snow! HA!

What a busy but fun weekend.

On a side note, forecast for the guessed it more snow and ice!!!

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