Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Black Eyed Peas


It is official the Black Eyed Peas have two new fans....Holden and Rylan.

A little background, a couple of months back I recorded the Grammy Awards for the boys to see the Black Eyed Peas perform. Since they love dancing to "I've Got a Feeling" in the car, I thought they could see what they look like performing. Well, ever since then it has become a nightly ritual for them to dance while I clean up the dishes from dinner. Here is my view every night. Enjoy!

(Note: I had some difficulty uploading the video to blogger and finally gave up. Just follow the link at the top to YouTube.)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy couple of days

It has been a busy couple of days. I thought it would be easier if I put everything in one post, so here is a recap...
Thursday I hosted our monthly potluck with my friends Sarah and Courtney, plus all the kids.

(My little bunnies look more like cats...better luck next time)

I do not think we could have picked a better day. The weather had turned off cold and rain again. And I think the kids were in much need of some playing time, or at least mine were. We had so much fun talking and visiting with each other. And then of coarse exchanging our meal. Just look at these two cutie pies! Who would not look forward to seeing them. The older ones were busy playing for me to take pictures of them:) I am so glad we were invited to participate in their monthly potluck. Not only is this an activity we look forward to each month but they have become great friends too.

As I posted before it snowed on Friday (a dusting). Here is another picture, this is a local Irish Pub I pass daily. You should have seen this place on St. Patrick's Day at 8:00 in the morning, yes AM, it was packed! I asked someone what time they opened and they "Oh at 6:00 AM for Keg & Eggs" WHAT! Could you imagine?

Saturday we finally finished hanging pictures, just need to add Rylan's 18 month pictures, which reminds me I need to make his portrait appointment, painting the doors and hanging the blinds in the office. Trust me it has taken forever...this needs a post all in itself:)

Then Sunday, Holden had his Spring Praise Choir performance at church. We had low expectations seeing that in the fall halfway through the performance he came and sat with us. Well, what a surprise!!! He was singing, doing sign language, dancing, and having fun! What a difference a couple of months makes for his confidence.
Rylan was enjoying every minute of the performance too. He kept waving and clapping the entire time! What a great way to end the weekend. Can you believe next Sunday is Easter? WOW! Where has the time gone!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Your eyes are not deceiving you...we woke up to snow this morning. Just a dusting but we have so much enjoyed the warmer weather and being outside. We are done with the snow! I am hoping this is the last of it.

Even the poor ducks were confused. They were at our fence this morning not know what to think of this weather.
I am hoping warmer temperatures are in the forecast!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring!

Today is officially the first day of Spring! With our new colder climate, I appreciate nice days even more than before. Last year, we started a new family tradition by celebrating the first day of spring with our first picnic of the season. And keeping with the tradition, we enjoyed one today along with some quality time at the park.
When we first moved here in September, we were lucky to find Pine Hill Lakes Park. This has become one of our favorites. Not only because it is close to the house but it has everything you could think of; nature trails, walking trails, lakes, playgrounds for both kids, ducks and an added bonus, it is absolutely gorgeous.
With our beautiful spring weather the boys had a blast today. We played at the playground, walked the nature trails, fed the ducks, and had our first picnic of the season. There is just something about eating outside that makes everything just taste better. Don't you think?

We had so much fun that Rylan pooped out on the short ride home. (I love this picture because it looks like he could not decide if he wanted to finish eating his snack or fall asleep)

The plan was after Rylan's nap both boys were going to paint bird houses. But instead Holden decided he would paint both since Rylan was sleeping. I am sure Rylan won't mind, this year that is. And we found the perfect place for these little jewels too. Now all we need is some bird seed and birds!

Happy Spring Yall!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Our Little Leprechaun paid us a visit and showered us with lots of green surprises!

You know you can not celebrate St. Patrick's Day without Lucky Charms! Holden has been talking about them since last St. Patrick's Day! I kid you not. I guess they made a lasting impression with all the sugar!

We searched the house for the rainbow, and what do you think we found beneath...our pot of gold!

Here are some of the yummy treats and decorations I made for our celebration...
And you may ask why I go to all this trouble for St. Patrick's Day? Well, just look at these two Lucky Charms, and that is why:)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Weekend Adventures

So much for the beautiful weather. This past weekend was filled with rain! We did not have much on the weekend agenda, but I knew we needed to get out of the house. I read in the local paper that a new fire station was opening and the public was invited to tour. This probably does not sound too excited, however, if you have boys you know it is the best thing ever. Again, the weather was terrible, but it worked to our advantage. We were practically the only ones in the station. Which was a delight, no crowds and our own personal tour guide with fireman Dennis. You are probably wondering the same thing I was "Was is with the yellow firetruck?" Yes, it is a fashion statement. No really, there was a study that they conducted that this color is more visible. Yeah, how could you miss it! And now Liberty Township has this awful color as their signature. We have yellow fire hydrants too. Not too appealing is it? It is a good thing we were not here when they voted on this! Yuck!

And some how, my boys found cookies in the fire station. Funny how that always seems to happen.
And our little fireman Holden made the local paper.... here is the link if you are interested.

He is famous in a small township!

Our next outing was to EnterTRAINment Junction. It is an indoor miniature train display. This place was really neat. It was filled with details galore. There were small cities, mountains, and even a piece of home. The boys enjoyed the play area too. I mean really, what boy does not like trains! EnterTRAINment Junction was fun for all of us, just a little pricey. I think this will only be a once a year outing. But at least we crossed off another new place on our list.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


After months of sitting on the sidelines, it was finally Rylan's turn to participate in Mommy & Me Gymnastics! This was our chance to do something together, besides run errands, while Holden was at preschool. And oh my, I do not think he could have been happier. He loved everything. But if I really had to choose, I would say the bars were his favorite. Just look his little face! It was so cute to see how excited he was to run from station to station. I am so thankful we have a wonderful Community Center at our fingertips.
The Verdict of Mommy & Me Gymnastics...Money well spent!!!