Monday, April 19, 2010

A Crush??

It is Spring and all the kids are out playing! Holden has made lots of new friends on our street, however, we live on a street of all girls!! Really there must have been something in the water.

Today, the boys and I were out playing and we hear Allie (two houses down) yelling Holden's name. She comes running over to our house and embraces Holden and tells him that she has been searching for him forever. I need to mention that she is a little dramatic, but cute. They had fun playing together or rather pulling out every item in the garage.

When it was time to go in to eat dinner Holden told her "Goodbye, I'll see you tomorrow" Allie comes over and hugs him again and then proceeds to kiss him on the cheek!! Holden said, "Why did you do that?" Allie replies, "Because I love you and I am going to marry you." Then just like the movies, she hops on her little scooter and rides home. Holden sat there for a minute and then yells at her, "I can't marry you. I am marrying Momma." As Allie is scooting home she turned and waved. I was waiting on her to start blowing kisses....what just happened here??? I did mention she is a little dramatic but I think she may have watched one too many Disney Princess movies. I do not know, just a thought.

I started laughing, but I am not sure what I think is funnier, her professing her love or the fact that Holden want to marry me?

Oh no, I think we might have a crush but I am not so sure Holden is ok with it.

The dramas of young love begins? Really at 4?!

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