Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!!

Our morning started off with the Easter Bunny leaving a trail of carrot eggs that led to the boys baskets. The difference with the boys is that Holden was eager to see where the trail ended whereas Rylan wanted to open each carrot to see what was inside.Once they ended at their baskets they were both thrilled!!
And you can not have Easter without a special breakfast and decorations.
After all the early morning festivities we headed off to church. Surprisingly we made it for the 9:30 service, with time to spare! Shocking, I know!
After church we hunted for Easter eggs. Don't my boys look handsome! Then we ended the day with Easter dinner and one of my favorites...banana pudding.What a wonderful Easter!!

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Amy said...

Beautiful!!! Liz, you've become my idol! hehe I hope that I have the time to do those things when Mills gets old enough to remember them. :)