Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mr. Crafty!

This week I had several Easter crafts planned for us but my original plan was not as good as Holden's. I gave him some felt stickers and asked him to make a picture for me. He looked at the stickers and then surprisingly asked for a popsicle stick. (I really thought he was going to throw a fit and say he did not want to do anything,) And look at what he created...Cute! And then we added several more, grass, and a jar. Two sets of flowers! He enjoyed this so much that he said he wanted to make more tomorrow. Well, thankfully my sweet Aunt Becky keeps me supplied and we had butterflies to use. This time Rylan was awake and ready to create too. And here is what we came up with...Butterfly banners for their doors.

Not too bad from the creative mind of a 4 year old. Sometimes he really does surprise me.

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