Saturday, April 24, 2010


A couple of funny quotes to enjoy from Holden:

Quote 1:
The other night after saying his prayers Holden says, "I love Momma, I love Daddy, I love Rylan, and I sure do love myself."

Quote 2:
The other morning, Holden asked what the plans were for the day and I told him, "We are going to go to Costco to see if we like the play set there." Holden happily responds, "Are we going to buy it today?" I told him "No, we are just going to look and see if we like it. Then we will buy it. But after we buy it, Daddy has to put it together." Holden looks at me and says, "Oh Man! You know Daddy doesn't like doing stuff like that!"
(HA! So True!!)

Quote 3:
After our play date on Thursday Holden tells me, "Momma, we need 4 more brothers." I said, "Oh really." Holden continues, "Yes, we can name our brothers, Donner, Blitzen, Comet, and Josh."


Amy said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I love reading the boy's quotes. They always put smile on my face and a tickle in my stomach! I have settled on the Boulevard carseat. The only difference between it and the "CS" is the click & safe feature, which to me, is totally unnecessary. I mean, it shouldn't be hard to figure out if its tight enough, right? lol

Elizabeth said...


You will love the new carseat, really there is not much different between them. Just our little mishap with it not adjusting. Enjoy.