Monday, April 5, 2010


We are on Spring Break this week! I know Holden is only in preschool but it was time to have some fun. To make the week special, I planned something for each day and gave Holden a book of coupons to "cash" in throughout the week. I explained that he can only use one a day but he gets to choose which to "cash in" as he wants. They really are not anything big but fun things he likes to do such as McDonald's Happy Meal, Ice cream at the Cone and so on. Next year I will have to do the same for Rylan. Today, Holden cashed in his Happy Meal coupon, Go figure!

Day 1 of Spring Break: We visited the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, OH. Dayton is about 30 minutes away and I had read that our Cincinnati Museum Center passes allowed us free admission, and it was true! I thought this museum catered its exhibits towards science,geology, and biology. To my surprise Holden and Rylan LOVED it! So much so that neither one wanted to leave. I think I may need to visit the Nature Store for some home projects for them. Here are some of the boys favorite discoveries:

Verdict: Day 1 of Spring Break-Thumbs Up!

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