Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wild Card

We have given Holden has a couple of nicknames:

The Bear-because you never, ever want to wake this sleeping boy. He will growl at you like a bear!

Little Old Man-because every morning he has to have his chocolate milk, cereal bar, and sit on the couch to have both before he will "eat" his breakfast. Just like a little old man and his coffee and newspaper. Routine, Routine, Routine!!

But my favorite way to describe Holden is that he is my Wild Card. The reason is you never know how he will react to something. Hence the Wild Card!

For the past couple of months he has been telling me he wants to take tennis lessons (the time for lessons did not work for us), golf lesson (lessons do not start until summer), play baseball (too young), play football (too young), play basketball (again, too young). Never once did he say he wanted to play soccer, but I signed him up anyways. We all remember the last experience with soccer don't we?? If not let me recap. he followed his shadow the entire time, made a goal in the other teams goal, was constantly asking for snack or water break, and who could forget, tackling the opponents like it was football. Oh fun memories!
But really what was I thinking signing him up again? But what the heck, lets try it again. We bought new cleats, shin guards, and shorts together and he was soooo excited. A good sign! As we were walking up to practice and his teammates, he started shying up which I thought was trouble, but he took a deep breathe and introduced himself to a couple of little boys and was fine. Actually he was better than fine...he was pretty good! He followed the drills, followed the rules, made a couple of goals, and had tons of fun.He told me he wanted to go back and that he loved soccer. What a shock! See what I mean about being a wild card. I am just hoping his enthusiasm continues for Saturdays game. Remember he is my Wild Card, he can change at a moments notice. You never know what to expect!

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