Monday, May 31, 2010

Messy Monday/Memorial Day

Part of our summer calendar included something I like to call "Messy Monday's". I have tons of "messy" crafts and since the weather is nice I plan to do these outside each Monday, hence the name "Messy Monday's". Our first "Messy Monday" was today, and we decided to paint with pudding. What a mess it was, but look at all the fun! I love this picture of Kevin when he see the boys covered in pudding. He did not have a clue what we were doing.
Not only was it "Messy Monday" but it was also Memorial Day. Here are some of our highlights from the day. I think the best surprise of the weekend was a visit from Kevin's college friend Rob and his family. They were driving back from his niece's graduation in Dayton and detoured their trip home to see us. They currently live in DC so we do not get to see them often. Needless to say, Kevin was so excited. It is always great to see old friends. Plus Rob is a hoot!Happy Memorial Day!!

I Scream for Ice Cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! We all love ice cream, however Rylan's approach to eating it is rather unusual! I made the boys ice cream cones but gave them both a bowl just in case they needed to put it down. And this is what happened next... I guess Rylan decided placing his entire face in the bowl to eat his ice cream was much easier than holding the cone.

What a mess!!!

And Holden was not too much better either. Who eats an ice cream cone from the bottom first?? Yes, my little munchkin!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Storytime with the Boys

This video clip is Holden's attempt to read to his biggest fan Rylan. As you will soon see, Rylan is quite the "ham" and disrupted the story.

Better luck next time!

Quote of the Day

Holden said this quote a couple of weeks ago but then said it again today. It's too funny not to share.

Holden said, "Momma, stop calling me little boy. I am a BIG boy. See my hands are big, my arms are big, my legs are big, my feet are big, my wee-wee is big. So call me big boy."

I stand corrected, we are a BIG boy now!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Summer Break!!!

It's official...our first week of summer break has begun!! Last week, I was planning to surprise the boys with a "Summer Break Party" in the back yard but Mother Nature did not cooperate. Instead I moved it to today.

When the boys woke up this morning, I had little buckets filled with fish, water guns, bubbles, frisbees and beach balls to get the day started. But when they looked out the window and saw I had decorated the play set,They were beyond excited! They both ran and put on their bathing suits! We were outside from 7:30 until 5:30...I am not kidding! However, the boys did take a rest after lunch but then they were racing to get out once again.
You will notice the several changes of bathing suits, I think the final count was three but I may be wrong.
So what did we do all day?? Here is a little sample of all of our fun...Water Balloon Toss, Pin the Fin on the Shark,
water guns, played with the frisbees, played in the water, "fished", bubbles, ring toss, colored, and ate!
We had so much fun! I think after our first winter in Ohio, we have been looking forward to warm weather for a LONG time. Since this is our first summer here, I have so much planned new parks to visit, sights to see, farms to explore, the list could go on and on, just like my calender. Today was perfect!!! I could not think of a better way to begin our summer break!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Our little garden update

Between the many rain storms today, we snuck outside to check on our seedlings. And what did we see....little spouts! Maybe my brown thumb is actually turning green! We will just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Little Graduate

It's the end of another preschool year. I keep asking myself, where has the time gone!!! Today was Holden's graduation from preschool. Technically he is old enough to start Kindergarten in the Fall, but we decided a long time ago to hold him back and do a Pre-k instead. We decided to hold him back for two reasons, we both feel that he needs one more year to grow emotionally, physically and another year to build his confidence. The second reason is, I am really not ready to let him go. I know I am crazy, but I just feel that he has the rest of his life to go to school/work, what is the rush! I want him to enjoy his childhood innocence! There you have it, our reasons!

But either way, graduation was still today. I really wanted to make a big deal about it because that is all he has been talking about for the past couple of weeks. They had their graduation ceremony with songs and then it was followed by a reception. He really did a great job singing. I wish I would have gotten better pictures but Rylan was pulling on the camera the entire time:)
(This is one of Holden's good friend Will)

After his school graduation, I had a few surprises of my own. Even though he saw most of them in the morning, I told him we would celebrate once we got home. And that is what we did!
Both boys enjoyed all the treats, especially the graduation hats and number gummies!
Go Figure!
Here are some of the decorations from our little graduation party...As a gift for our little graduate, I found the perfect book to commemorate the occasion and his personality,"Curious You, On Your Way!" Just like our mischievous, curious graduate!Now we just need some warm weather so we can welcome our Summer Break!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Vistors & Another Busy Weekend

We had more visitors this past weekend. This time it was the grandparents! The boys wasted no time and put them to playing! Dad-daddy became "Hootie Hoo the Bull" and Holden "Cowboy Blitzen the Bull rider". (All I can say, is Holden has a great imagination and thankfully Dad-daddy is a good sport to play along!) While my littlest cowboy had fun playing trucks with Grammy.Saturday morning Holden had a soccer game at 9:00 and since he would not play last week we did not have high hopes he would play again. But as I said before he is my "Wild Card" and he did decided to play. At first he was really timid and then all of a sudden out of nowhere his got the ball and made 3, yes 3 goals!!! He was so proud!!! I must admit I was a crazy lady on the sidelines screaming, cheering, and causing a scene as Kevin likes to say:)After the exciting game, we headed over to Highfield Discovery Gardens. The weather was perfect for a day outside. It was also Kevin's first time to go and he loved it. It is safe to say our day in the gardens was fun.
Sunday morning we missed church and instead we went to the Zoo. The plan was to get there early so we would miss the rain. Our timing worked out perfectly! We enjoyed the animals and sites before seeing the "show". Holden and Rylan were so excited to see the Curious George Storybook show. It had been advertised for a awhile now and Holden was not going to let me forget.This was the first time for Grammy and Dad-daddy to visit the Cincinnati Zoo so here are some of the other highlights from the morning...The Grandparents left this morning for Georgia and I know the boys are already missing them!
Even though we had a great time together, it seems like every visit just goes by too fast!