Monday, May 31, 2010

Messy Monday/Memorial Day

Part of our summer calendar included something I like to call "Messy Monday's". I have tons of "messy" crafts and since the weather is nice I plan to do these outside each Monday, hence the name "Messy Monday's". Our first "Messy Monday" was today, and we decided to paint with pudding. What a mess it was, but look at all the fun! I love this picture of Kevin when he see the boys covered in pudding. He did not have a clue what we were doing.
Not only was it "Messy Monday" but it was also Memorial Day. Here are some of our highlights from the day. I think the best surprise of the weekend was a visit from Kevin's college friend Rob and his family. They were driving back from his niece's graduation in Dayton and detoured their trip home to see us. They currently live in DC so we do not get to see them often. Needless to say, Kevin was so excited. It is always great to see old friends. Plus Rob is a hoot!Happy Memorial Day!!

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