Monday, May 17, 2010

Vistors & Another Busy Weekend

We had more visitors this past weekend. This time it was the grandparents! The boys wasted no time and put them to playing! Dad-daddy became "Hootie Hoo the Bull" and Holden "Cowboy Blitzen the Bull rider". (All I can say, is Holden has a great imagination and thankfully Dad-daddy is a good sport to play along!) While my littlest cowboy had fun playing trucks with Grammy.Saturday morning Holden had a soccer game at 9:00 and since he would not play last week we did not have high hopes he would play again. But as I said before he is my "Wild Card" and he did decided to play. At first he was really timid and then all of a sudden out of nowhere his got the ball and made 3, yes 3 goals!!! He was so proud!!! I must admit I was a crazy lady on the sidelines screaming, cheering, and causing a scene as Kevin likes to say:)After the exciting game, we headed over to Highfield Discovery Gardens. The weather was perfect for a day outside. It was also Kevin's first time to go and he loved it. It is safe to say our day in the gardens was fun.
Sunday morning we missed church and instead we went to the Zoo. The plan was to get there early so we would miss the rain. Our timing worked out perfectly! We enjoyed the animals and sites before seeing the "show". Holden and Rylan were so excited to see the Curious George Storybook show. It had been advertised for a awhile now and Holden was not going to let me forget.This was the first time for Grammy and Dad-daddy to visit the Cincinnati Zoo so here are some of the other highlights from the morning...The Grandparents left this morning for Georgia and I know the boys are already missing them!
Even though we had a great time together, it seems like every visit just goes by too fast!

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the8gibsons said...

So glad you had a good weekend! The weather was PERFECT for all of your activities! Awesome soccer game too!! I'm sure you're so proud!!