Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Review

Over the weekend my cousin Beth and her family came to visit us. Despite Holden being so excited, he was not willing to give up his Friday night Movie Night. Thankfully, Ashley and Drew were just fine having pizza, popcorn, cookies and a movie. Rylan was so excited about the popcorn that he would not put on his pajamas. You really can not mess with him and his food!

On Saturday, the plan was to go to Holden soccer game and then go to Highfield Discovery Gardens but it was COLD!!! So cold that Holden refused to play soccer! You can really tell we are from the South. anything below 50 is freezing! After watching the game on the sidelines, we instead ventured over to Sharon Woods for some fun.

Sharon Woods is a huge park with golf, canoeing, hiking, playgrounds, fishing, and so forth but they also have a great indoor tree house for the kids to climb and play.
Even Kevin had a great time on the slides!
That night Beth and Mike went to the Cubs vs. Reds game and we watched all of the kiddos. I think they all must have been wore out! We had all the kids asleep before 8:00!

Sunday, they joined us for church. After the service Holden and Rylan showed their cousins what they like best about going to church....the donuts! Most Sundays this is where you will find these two, on the fireplace at church eating donuts. No wonder it is not a struggle to get them to go!
Even though our plans for the weekend had to be altered, I think everyone had a great visit.

Sunday was also Mother's Day. I had a wonderful one filled with lots of homemade gifts and love! I just wished my littlest Momma's boy would have slept a little longer but hey, other than that it was a great day!

Happy Mother's Day!

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