Monday, June 28, 2010

Messy Monday

It's Messy Monday! So what did we do this week....Paint! Rylan LOVED it!!! But what a MESS!! I suppose that is why I decided to call it "Messy Monday", fitting right!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summery Saturday Morning!

Summer is in full swing and so is the heat! This morning we visited a Farmer's Market for some local fare. It just happened to be the 4H's Livestock Show also. While the boys enjoyed the animals and snow cones, I made some purchases at the market.... squash, snap peas, green beans, fresh corn/black bean salsa, and corn.
We then ventured over to a local park for some outdoor fun.

Our plan was to rent a paddle boat and tour the lake but since it was so hot, Kevin opted for a motor boat instead! Probably a good choice! We toured the park by boat and were able to see some wildlife too. The boys loved it!!
Did I mention it was hot?? Yep, it was time for the boys to cool off...

That was our Summery Saturday Morning! It is almost sounds like a song:)

Touch A Truck

Friday, was West Chester's Annual Touch a Truck Event. Every year we looked forward to this event in Alpharetta, so I knew we could not miss it here. We arrived early, and I am glad we did, we were able to see the helicopter land for all the kids to tour. Wow! I should have taken a picture of the boys faces, it was priceless! Their mouths were wide open!

Here are some of the boys favorite trucks....
They were even able to be a fireman for a moment and spray with the firetruck hose!
Holden was amazed by the Army trucks and especially the night vision on top of the truck! This particular unit had just returned from Iraq and were so sweet to all the kids.
Rylan's favorite truck had to be the Bobcat! He would not get out!!! He really is a country boy!
It does not matter where we are, Rylan will somehow find a way to get wet! This time Holden could not resist the fun!
I think you can see they had a blast on all the trucks!

Owls of Ohio

Thursday, the boys and I headed to the Ellenwood Nature Barn for the "Owls of Ohio" exhibit. Well, the exhibit was a little disappointing, there were only three, yes three, owls. However, they did have some turtles, frogs, and some other animal on display. I did not know how Holden was going to react, seeing that he wore his binoculars ready to explore and search for owls. But all was ok...he spotted a nature trail by the entrance and was excited to see what was back in the woods. As we started of on the trail, a little sweet grandmother asked if she and her granddaughter could join us. Well, of coarse. She reminded me so much of my own Memaw, she read all of the signs and explained to the kids what each tree was. I think she enjoyed herself just as much as the kids.After a quick picnic lunch, we wanted to see the butterfly garden that we had missed earlier. I think was the see with little boys, or at least mine, they love bugs! But better yet, they love catching them!Now, I am sure there were signs saying "please do not catch the butterflies", but again, you know boys. One was captured! Thankfully, after explaining that we had no way to take him home without him dying, Holden let the poor thing go!Even though the exhibit was not quite what I had expected, we still had a great day. I guess more than I thought, Holden kept telling Kevin how "cool" it was, and what a fun day he had. This is why I like this age, easy to please.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tennis & Messy Monday

Behold, a future Wimbledon player..well, maybe not, but for his first tennis lesson he did amazing.  Not only did he listen intently to every instruction given, he even played really well.  Hmm, maybe we have found his sport?
I think perhaps I need to take a lesson or two, I learned a ton today just listening to Ms Tracy explain to the kids about the court, racket, and so forth.  Geez, I need to brush up on all the official terms!
After tennis, I had full intentions of having "Messy Monday"  but a thunderstorm came out of no where and ruined the remainder of the day.  Instead, we had Movie Monday...these two did not mind one bit!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Texas the Final Day!

After visiting for a couple of days with family and a little bit of shopping, it was time to go back to San Antonio. Our flight was scheduled for early Sunday morning, but we had one last surprise for the boys. I mean really, how could we come to Texas and not go to a Rodeo!

We found this great "family fun" rodeo, Tejas Rodeo, right outside San Antonio. Wow!!! It was beyond adorable! The best way for me to describe this place is that it was a combination of scenes from "Hope Floats" and "Sweet Home Alabama", two of my favorite movies might I add. The pictures really do not do it justice. There were picnic tables for families to eat, fresh grilled food, some of the best sweet tea a girl could have, homemade desserts, handmade jewelry, music, and then of coarse the rodeo itself! Holden and Rylan were in "Cowboy" heaven!! They had an event called Mutton Bustin, it is when kids ride on a sheep until they fall off, kind of like bull riding for kids. You might know that Holden wanted to do this, but when we went to sign up, it was already full. Whew! Instead, he was able to participate in the Calf Run. Which was just as funny. You run around chasing a calf to pull a ribbon off the collar. You should have seen Rylan, he was trying to get out there too. The whole time I am thinking, are these really my children??
They both loved the Barrel Racing, Calf Roping, and how could I forget....Bull Riding! The excitement did not end when the Rodeo was over though, as the announcer said, "Dust off your hat and shine up your boots. Head on over to the open dance floor for some two-steppin and live music." Finally, some good country music!! The fun continued for these two as well, they could not resist the dance floor! What a great way to end a perfect Texas Style Vacation!

The boys, included myself, were sad to see all the fun come to an end! So many great memories, experiences, and love from our favorite Aunt Becky and Uncle Eddie on this trip. No wonder the boys cried when we told them we were going back to Ohio! From the look of things, I think we need to start planning our next Texas excursion. What fun!