Saturday, June 5, 2010

Berry Picking

This morning, we packed up early and went strawberry picking at Blooms & Berries. I read an article online that said this week was the prime time for strawberries and they were not kidding! Just look at these beauties! The "harvest" was bountiful, and we did not have to search very hard for great ones. And look at these two, enjoying every minute of picking too. It do not take us long to pick so much...we ended up picking 10 pounds! Crazy, I know!!!I plan to make jam, homemade ice cream, freeze some for smoothies, muffins and such. And plus every play date we have this week will be eating strawberries for snack. HA! Just kidding!!
This is one of my favorite activities to do with the boys for a couple of reasons, one they love to be outside and two they enjoy eating whatever we pick. So it is a win-win activity for all!

As a treat for the boys, we stopped at United Dairy Farmers for ice cream. Even though it was barely 10:00. It's the weekend, we have to break the rules sometimes.


Amy said...

I definitely miss strawberry picking... they just don't seem to have the same kinds of strawberry fields down here.
Although, it's funny you posted this today because just this afternoon I attempted to recreate a recipe for glazed strawberry scones.
I recently tried a free sample at Panera (that were sooo good) and I finally got around to giving it a whirl in my own kitchen. Sure wish I could have tried it using freshly picked berries. I'm jealous. :)

the8gibsons said...

Yum....hopefully we can taste those this week :)