Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lessons learned from soccer

Spring soccer season has ended. I know what you are thinking, wow, that was fast! Yeah me too. With the end of the season, I thought I would share a couple of lessons that Holden learned:

Lesson Learned #1: How to dance while defending the goal. I think we have mastered this skill:)
Lesson Learned #2: How to have a tea party with the girls on the sidelines.

Lesson Learned #3: How to make a goal!

Lesson Learned #4: How to fall and dust yourself off.

Lesson Learned #5: The final lesson, the art of negotiation. Somehow Holden negotiated a dollar for each goal. Not only from us but from his Grammy & Dad-Daddy too! Don't worry, he already cashed it in at Target and bought a toy! I am sure you can guess, the money was burning a hole in his pocket!!

Overall I would have to say this soccer season was a success. Holden had a great time and can not wait for soccer in the fall.

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