Saturday, June 26, 2010

Owls of Ohio

Thursday, the boys and I headed to the Ellenwood Nature Barn for the "Owls of Ohio" exhibit. Well, the exhibit was a little disappointing, there were only three, yes three, owls. However, they did have some turtles, frogs, and some other animal on display. I did not know how Holden was going to react, seeing that he wore his binoculars ready to explore and search for owls. But all was ok...he spotted a nature trail by the entrance and was excited to see what was back in the woods. As we started of on the trail, a little sweet grandmother asked if she and her granddaughter could join us. Well, of coarse. She reminded me so much of my own Memaw, she read all of the signs and explained to the kids what each tree was. I think she enjoyed herself just as much as the kids.After a quick picnic lunch, we wanted to see the butterfly garden that we had missed earlier. I think was the see with little boys, or at least mine, they love bugs! But better yet, they love catching them!Now, I am sure there were signs saying "please do not catch the butterflies", but again, you know boys. One was captured! Thankfully, after explaining that we had no way to take him home without him dying, Holden let the poor thing go!Even though the exhibit was not quite what I had expected, we still had a great day. I guess more than I thought, Holden kept telling Kevin how "cool" it was, and what a fun day he had. This is why I like this age, easy to please.

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