Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Games at Sharon Woods

Have I mentioned what great parks we have? Well, we do! All of our parks are beautifully maintained, they are all so unique, and they have great events for families and kids. Today's event was "Summer Games". The park had set up stations for beach ball volleyball, sidewalk chalk, corn hole, hula hoops, ball toss, and other activities. Holden loved beach ball volleyball so much that he ended up playing it the entire time. On the other hand, Rylan was curious and wanted to try everything out!!!
After an hour or so it was getting pretty hot! So we packed up and drove across the lake to Sharon Harbour. On the way there we spotted a deer in the road! (Sorry for the blurry picture)I read that there was a playground with a water feature, perfect for a day like this! We just had to see what it was all about.
I think the pictures say enough!
I am not exactly sure what Rylan was doing but it just made me laugh!
Holden "pretending" he was Indian Jones on the search for fossils.(Here is the lake, the boys were admiring the paddle boats and canoes.)
The boys had a wonderful time! Seriously, they did not want to leave! Best part of the day, beside the smiles on the boys faces, it was that everything was FREE!!!

Now, I am sure you can see why I love the area parks! Not to mention, there are so many more that we have not even seen yet!!

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