Monday, June 21, 2010

Texas Vacation-McAllen & South Padre Island

Once we arrived in McAllen, sweet Aunt Becky had beach totes for the boys. They were filled with toys, shirts, beach towels, hats, stickers, movies, toy snakes, and coloring books. But she did not forget Kevin and I either, we both received totes and towels too. Yes, she spoils us dearly!!
After visiting and a good nights rest, we packed up and headed to South Padre Island! Holden was so excited to go to the beach and kept asking, "Are we there yet? Where is the big bridge? Are we there yet?" Mind you it is only about an hour drive. After we checked in, the boys did not waste one moment and rushed to put on their suits!

Here are some pictures from the first day at the beach.
Uncle Eddie is always a kidding he is with seaweed on his head, and Rylan in the background scared that someone is attacking his Daddy.
More beach pictures....Aunt Becky Ann had planned several weeks ago that we were going to take the boys on a Pirate Ship called Black Dragon at the Island. And this one did not disappoint!!!The crew members were all in costumes and had "pirate accents" to match. While on the ship, the kids participated in a water gun battle, sword fighting, we all received a mustache (yes, even including me), and the boys were given a certificate that named them official pirates! What a dream:) We even got to enjoy this beautiful sunset and had a dolphin siting.Such fun!
Before heading back to McAllen we stopped and visited a Sea Turtle Rescue Hospital.
It was so sad to see so many injured turtles but at least they are getting the care that they need for recovery.

More adventures to come.....

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the8gibsons said...

Awesome! I bet the boys LOVED that ship! Looks like so much fun! I LOVE your beach pic at the top! So pretty!