Thursday, July 29, 2010

Funny Quotes

Here are a couple of quotes from the past couple of days....

On the way home from running errands, I was trying to get Holden to put on his seat belt so we could leave. But he kept talking and talking. I finally said, "Holden, Mommy has to go potty can you please hurry up." His response was, "Don't worry Mommy, if you pee-pee in your pants, I will get you new undies." (Thanks, but I think at my age I should not be pee-peeing in my pants! But at least he was thoughtful!)

After Rylan's nap, Holden usually follows me to get him. I usually hold him for a bit or sit and rock him. Today Holden sat with us, and out of no where said, "Rylan, I am your best friend. We will always be best friends. Even when I am bigger and you are still little, we are still best friends." I almost cried, it was so sweet!!!

Kevin was cutting the grass and could not hear over the lawn mower but Holden just kept yelling at him. Finally, Kevin turned off the mower and Holden said, "Daddy, you need to clean your ears out. I have been yelling at you and you are not listening. You need to clean your ears and put on your listening ears, do you hear me." (A future Lawyer I tell you!!!)

Rylan's quote:

"Uv you" (translation: Love you)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Messy Monday

After skipping last week's Messy Monday, I knew had to get back into the routine. So yesterday for our Messy Monday we made Monkey Munch! The boys measured out the chocolate chips and peanut butter, with a couple of samplings for themselves too! After all was mixed together, I place half of the mixture into zip lock bags with the plethora of powder sugar and let the boys shake, shake, shake. Lastly, it is time for tasting. The verdict was an unanimous, YUMMY!
If you have not ever had the pleasure of making Monkey Munch, the recipe is as follows:

9 cups of Rice Chex
1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup of butter
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 1/2 cups of powder sugar

Melt chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter together until smooth. Add vanilla to chocolate mixture and pour over Rice Chex. Gently stir coating the Rice Chex. Then divide into zip lock bags and pour powder sugar over. Best part, have the kids shake, shake, shake their little hearts out!

Enjoy your Messy Monday!

A Blast from the Past

Here is something I received over the weekend, a blast from the past...
Kevin's 1990 high school graduation picture.
To be honest he really has not changed that much. Maybe a little less hair. that may have some shades of gray but other than that he looks the same. I am not sure I can say the same about myself, we will just have to see in 6 years!

Monday, July 26, 2010

1990 Boca High Reunion

As I mentioned, our Georgia visitors, aka the grandparents, arrived on Thursday. Just in time for us to fly Friday morning to Boca Raton, Florida for Kevin's 20th Class Reunion. I know it is hard to believe is has been 20 years! After circling the airport several times, we finally landed into the Tropical Depression! What, I thought this was suppose to be the sunshine state! Seeing that the rain put a damper on our beach plans, we drove by the house Kevin grew up in, his elementary, middle and high school. I must mention, his high school looked larger than my college campus! Just a little different than my high school. Continuing our trip down memory lane we stopped at one of his favorite restaurants, The Whale's Rib for lunch. This place is a dive decorated with license plates and such, just look at where we just happened to be seated..where an Ohio plate was hanging. Strange! After lunch Kevin's buddies were coming in from surfing so we meet up with them! Just look at the boys! Finally, we made our way to the hotel to check in. Since Kevin can not keep a secret, he revealed where we were staying a couple of weeks ago, but actually seeing the Boca Raton Resort in person, it surpassed all my expectations! It was beyond gorgeous, it was breathtaking!Friday night, was a Meet and Greet at the Wishing Well. It was packed and HOT!! But Kevin had a blast seeing all his old buddies!
After and early morning wake-up call from Leroy (Dad-Daddy), and breakfast, we met up with one of my best friends in the entire world Eliza! Here are her beautiful girls Marlee and Sadie sitting with Ms. Glenda. We had so much fun lunching and catching up. While we were lunching, Kevin was enjoying the cabana with his buddies. Finally the big night was upon us, the actual reunion. What a party! Great food, good 80's music, fun pictures from the past, and connecting with old friends! I think this is the happiest I have seen Kevin in awhile!Ok, so my expectations for the weekend were to catch up on some sleep, relax, maybe read a magazine or two, enjoy the resort, yep that did not happen! It was a non stop weekend! But since we both loved the resort so much we planning a trip with the kids next year, maybe then we can enjoy it a little more. Plus, I think Kevin needs to make it back to Boca a little more to see his friends and enjoy where he came from!

The entire weekend I had a song going through my head. It is by Revive, called "Blink" Life goes by so quickly before you know it you are looking back on times, just like Kevin's reunion, 20 years, it happened in a blink! If you have not heard the song, here are the lyrics, it really ring true on how you should look at your life.
Teach me to number my days
and count every moment,
before it slip away
take in all the colors
before the fade to gray

I dont want to miss
even just a second
more of this

It happens in a blink
it happens in a flash
it happens in the time it took
to look back

i try to hold on tight
but theres no stopping time
what is it Ive done with my life
it happens in a blink

when its all said and done
no one remembers
how far we have run
the only thing that matters
is how we have loved

I dont want to miss
even just a second
more of this

It happens in a blink
it happens in a flash
it happens in the time it took
to look back

i try to hold on tight
but theres no stopping time
what is it Ive done with my life

it happens in a blink

slow down
before today becomes our yesterday

slow down
before you turn around and its too late

VBS and Visitors

What a busy couple of weeks it has been! Last week, the boys and I attended Vacation Bible School at our church. Since this was our first year to attend, I did not know what to expect. WOW! This years theme was Where Kids Join Forces With God, Hero Headquarters, and it was so cute! Some of the volunteers dressed up as Super dog and other Heroes. But not only was it a great theme, it was a great turn out too, over 1100 kids and volunteers!! Hard to believe you could have that many people and not have chaos but it was so organized. I was extremely impressed and plan to help next year again too. Holden LOVED it, and kept saying that he wanted to go to Vacation Bible School every day. Rylan liked his class once he was there but did not like the in ital drop off. But had great teachers and by the end of the first day he was kissing them all! Such a little lover!
On Tuesday, after VBS, we were surprised by visitors! My Aunt Betsy, Aunt Becky, Memaw, nephew Ashford, and cousin Nathan came to see us! We were all thrilled to see them, even if it was just for a night! As a surprise they brought the boys a play horse, it had been stored at Memaw's for a bit, so they were excited to see it. After our Tennessee visitors left, our Georgia visitors arrived for the weekend!
As you can see it has been a busy but fun week filled with surprises and lots visitors!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame....

Take me out to the ballgame....Ok, so the second time at Prasco Park was a charm! No crowds, no lines...perfect baseball weather.A little bit about Prasco Park, it is home to the Cincinnati Spikes, which is an amateur baseball team that is ages 18 and under. The team is a Christian based team, part of their missions is to travel and teach children in a particular country how to play baseball. When it is time to return home, they leave all the equipment with the children. I thought that was really neat. All of the players are from various schools around the area including Kentucky and Indiana. It really is a top notch program.

The park itself is wonderful! They really try to bring the community out to support the team and they have a great venue for family fun. Admission is FREE, ice cream is FREE, and tonight when we went hotdogs were FREE too! I forgot, they have inflatables too. They also make anything that you do purchase, not break the bank, waters are .25 and Gatorades are .50. When was the last time you saw that?? Not to mention the volunteer staff is just wonderful, from helping you find seats, golf cart rides to the car, and helping the boys with games. Talk about Family Friendly!

I really can not say enough about this ball park, except I just wish we would have visited it earlier! The boys had a blast! I can not wait until next season, when we can take our little ball players again.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fossil Digging in Ohio??

Part of our week of Dinosaurs, I decided it might be fun to dig for fossils. A friend of mine told me about Trammel Fossil Park in Sharonville. Not really knowing what to expect we set out with our buckets, shovels, paint brushes, and an open mind! To my surprise the boys loved it. I, on the other hand was wondering, what are we doing here. But there is just something about discovering, exploring, dirt and the outdoors my little boys love. We actually did find fossils, quite a few might I add. After an 1 1/2 of fossil digging this is what we ended up taking home...

We just may have a couple of paleontologist on our hands.After our picnic and a little playing we stopped at The Root Beer Stand for root beer floats.This dive is circa 1957 and has not changed a bit! The Root Beer Stand is family owned and only open seasonally from May to September. Since they brew their own root beer, I knew we just had to give it a try. Verdict: Two Thumbs Up! The boys slurped down their floats in no time at all!I just love these little places with history and family owned. It is like taking a step back in time, which is nice from time to time.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hop into a great book!

Our Summer Reading "Hop into a great book" list has been completed! Both boys were able to pick out a new book each, Holden chose "Dinosaurs love Underpants" and Rylan chose, "Baa, Baa, Baa, on the Farm". Additionally, they both received a coupon for an ice cream at the Cone and a Chick-fila Kids Meal.

Now on to filling up the next reading list.

Happy Summer Reading!

Messy and Busy Monday

It's Messy Monday again ( a little late I know:)! The theme for most of our activities this week revolves around dinosaurs. So for Messy Monday, we dug for DINOSAURS! And what fun the boys had! Even though we did this project last year, I think Holden enjoyed it more this year. He loved every minute of digging and Rylan enjoyed washing the dinosaurs. Go figure, he loves water and cleaning! When our dinosaurs were all clean, we matched them to find out their proper names. To finish up our messy morning of dinosaurs, we read all of our dinosaur books. As I mentioned, Monday was a busy day too, Rylan had his first visit to the dentist! He did great and had clean teeth too!

After naps, it was time for potluck. This month I was in charge of desserts...I choose peach cobbler. A little piece of the South for these Mid-Western gals!

Then for one final outing...a baseball game at Prasco Park. It was fun but a mental note to self....NEVER attend on Chick-fila Night! It was packed! I am talking 1500 plus people and the ball field only holds 300! You get the point, but my little ball players did not want to leave so we stuck it out and had a great time. I have already planned for another game with the boys before the season ends this week. Keep your fingers crossed that it will not be as crowded, we hope!