Thursday, July 29, 2010

Funny Quotes

Here are a couple of quotes from the past couple of days....

On the way home from running errands, I was trying to get Holden to put on his seat belt so we could leave. But he kept talking and talking. I finally said, "Holden, Mommy has to go potty can you please hurry up." His response was, "Don't worry Mommy, if you pee-pee in your pants, I will get you new undies." (Thanks, but I think at my age I should not be pee-peeing in my pants! But at least he was thoughtful!)

After Rylan's nap, Holden usually follows me to get him. I usually hold him for a bit or sit and rock him. Today Holden sat with us, and out of no where said, "Rylan, I am your best friend. We will always be best friends. Even when I am bigger and you are still little, we are still best friends." I almost cried, it was so sweet!!!

Kevin was cutting the grass and could not hear over the lawn mower but Holden just kept yelling at him. Finally, Kevin turned off the mower and Holden said, "Daddy, you need to clean your ears out. I have been yelling at you and you are not listening. You need to clean your ears and put on your listening ears, do you hear me." (A future Lawyer I tell you!!!)

Rylan's quote:

"Uv you" (translation: Love you)

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the8gibsons said...

Those are the BEST! So glad you are writing them down through your blog! There are so many things I've missed just because I've forgotten!! Love that Holden thinks he and Rylan will always be best friends! So sweet!!