Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Messy and Busy Monday

It's Messy Monday again ( a little late I know:)! The theme for most of our activities this week revolves around dinosaurs. So for Messy Monday, we dug for DINOSAURS! And what fun the boys had! Even though we did this project last year, I think Holden enjoyed it more this year. He loved every minute of digging and Rylan enjoyed washing the dinosaurs. Go figure, he loves water and cleaning! When our dinosaurs were all clean, we matched them to find out their proper names. To finish up our messy morning of dinosaurs, we read all of our dinosaur books. As I mentioned, Monday was a busy day too, Rylan had his first visit to the dentist! He did great and had clean teeth too!

After naps, it was time for potluck. This month I was in charge of desserts...I choose peach cobbler. A little piece of the South for these Mid-Western gals!

Then for one final outing...a baseball game at Prasco Park. It was fun but a mental note to self....NEVER attend on Chick-fila Night! It was packed! I am talking 1500 plus people and the ball field only holds 300! You get the point, but my little ball players did not want to leave so we stuck it out and had a great time. I have already planned for another game with the boys before the season ends this week. Keep your fingers crossed that it will not be as crowded, we hope!


Amy said...

How fun! Was that a loaf of bread or cake that you just baked their toys into? How does that work?

Elizabeth said...

It was cake. Last year I used brownie mix but I did not have any on hand. First you want to boil, to sanitize, the dinosaurs. Just like you used to do pacifiers. Then dry, mix together cake or brownie ingredients as directed and pour a little batter into a pan then place the dinosaurs, finish off by covering with remainder batter. Easy and my kids loved it. I am sure you could use any toy just as long as you boil before to make sure they do not melt.