Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Never Grows Old!

It just never grows old....that is the Discovery Gardens. The boys, including myself, love this place! Each time we go they are growing something new, have a new exhibit, have a new scavenger hunt, and have new demonstrations. It just does not grow old! Today when we visited, the boys discovered so many new things but I think they enjoyed the nature talk most of all! They talked about colors and how there are many different colors in the garden. They finished off by making rainbow bracelets, which does not seem like much but the beads change when they are in the sunlight so that made them extra special. And we can not go a day without getting wet. They had the misters on and I am sure you can guess where my two were...right under them!

One of the newest gardens is the vegetable garden. We just happen to be touring when the naturalist was watering and look at the treats we were able to bring home.
I just can not say enough about this cute garden except, I am sooooo glad we discovered it!

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