Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Park, New Market

I decided to take the boys to a new park I had heard about, Liberty Playland Park. However, it was a little disappointing, it was really close to the highway, so the noise level was really high, it was a wooden playground and the boys both had tons of splinters, it originally had mulch but now it was more like dirt on the ground. I think my expectations were up a little high since all of the other local parks are so great but the boys had fun either way!! Except when I had to remove the splinters. After a little disappointing morning, I thought I would let the boys have a treat. We checked out Dorothy Lane Market, it is like Whole Foods but with a larger bakery and stocked with locally grown produce. As you can see Holden and Rylan did not have a hard time choosing the perfect treat!

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nicole said...

OOH! Been there, done that with the splinters! One time Owen had 7 splinters in his foot...all removed by Dr. Mom. I'd really rather not do that again. :-)