Sunday, August 15, 2010


Last night we took the boys to Fox Hollow Rodeo! My friend Sarah and her family along with my friend Tracy and her girls joined us for a night at the rodeo. Ever since our vacation to Texas, Holden has been talking about the rodeo and especially the Muttin' Bustin'. If you do not recall the Muttin' Bustin' it is when the kids get to ride on the sheep, kind of like bull riding for kids. When I was looking for things to do, I read that Fox Hollow had Muttin' Bustin', and I knew we just had to give this place a visit!

All week Holden has been asking,"Is today the rodeo?" "When are we going to the rodeo?" He was beyond excited.
Both boys wore their boots, belt buckle, and hats, just like a cowboys! But when we got there, it was so muddy from the recent thunderstorm, I really was not sure he was going to actually do the Muttin' Bustin'. They called for all the kids and their parents to come out to the arena and he was running! Then they brought out Rambo, the sheep! Holy Cow! When did sheep get so big! Oh, but the best was when they bowed their heads to pray. I thought, we are in trouble, they are praying for safety, this can't be good! Avery was first up to ride Rambo. Poor little thing fell in the mud, but she was so cute, she stood right up and waved to the crowd. Then it was Cowboy Holden's turn, the announcer asked, "Dad, do you want to run beside him or let him go?" Without a pause, Kevin says, "Let him go!" WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY!!! The arena is full of mud and for those of you who know Holden, know that he HATES to get dirty. I know, a boy who hates to be dirty, really, but it is true. Rylan is a different matter, the messier he is, the more he likes it! But back to Holden, I was thinking if he falls in the mud he will flip his lid. Now, what was Kevin thinking!
Cowboy Holden mounted Rambo and off he went....
he held on the whole time and did not fall off at all! We were so proud!! And Holden was so proud too, I heard the story so many times last night, today, and I am sure for months to come! Maybe he is a cowboy after all.
After all the excitement of the Muttin' Bustin' it was time for some Bull Riding! Who knew there were so many bull riders in Ohio?!
What a fun night shared with friends. This is one for the memory books fore sure!


Amy said...

Wow! That's too neat! Love the pic of Holden riding!!

the8gibsons said...

That is awesome! I cannot believe Holden did so great! I'm not even sure my older kids would have had the nerve to do that!! I can't wait to hear his side of the story!! Great post!

Amy said...

Holden riding that sheep has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I've never heard of Muttin' Bustin' but you definitely got some great pictures of his ride... I love it!

MasonMetu - said...

Love it! Great pictures! Looks like you had so much fun.