Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend in Atlanta

The trip to Atlanta did not start off well, at all. I do not think we could have picked a worse day to drive, even if we tried! The weather was horrible, torrential down pours, hail, thunderstorms, you name it, I think we drove through it, all the way from Cincinnati to Atlanta. We were stopped twice for accidents that shut down the interstate for an hour each. Then, when you think things could not get worse, they do, Rylan had an explosive diaper. I can not even describe it, it was everywhere and we were in the middle of no where, great combination! Luckily we stopped at a gas station that just happened to be beside a dollar store to clean up the "accident". By now, we were just laughing at what all had happened on this never ending trip! Finally after 12 hours, it usually takes 8, we arrived back in the South!

Even though, we did not start the visit on the best foot we did not let that damper the remainder of the trip. Friday we packed up the family and head down to the Georgia Aquarium. There we meet our friends visiting from Jacksonville, Paul, Tracy, Sarah and Kendall, along with our friends Dana, Ty and Alyssa. All of the kids LOVED the aquarium and enjoyed seeing each other.
While Holden visited Aunt Jen-Jen and Rylan napped, I got to indulge in some much needed retail therapy!! Oh how I miss the shopping in Atlanta!!! This was such a treat for me!
That night Kevin had a much needed Guys Night Out with all his old buddies. I know he misses them all so much!

Bright and early Saturday morning, we met the gang again at the Botanical Gardens. Before we moved, the Botanical Gardens were undergoing a huge renovation but did not finish before we left. So we were thrilled to see the new grounds. It was worth the wait, WOW! It was beautiful! They even added a kids garden which our kids loved! And here is the spot that our friends Paul and Tracy were married 7 years ago. I remember it just like yesterday, we were planning weddings at the same time. So much has changed, for the better of course.

To end our busy weekend, we all gathered again for a BBQ just like old times. I think going back this time for a visit really made us miss Georgia even more. But then again, I think we miss our friends and family the most! Can't wait to see all of them again hopefully, really soon.

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the8gibsons said...

Sounds like a great weekend (minus the trip down there!!) Can't wait to hear about your "retail therapy" bargains! Glad you were able to get away!