Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Year Ago....

A year ago today, the moving truck was packed and bound for Ohio. Little did we know everything would end up going to storage for a couple of months. But either way we were setting off to start our new lives in Ohio. I remember feeling sad, nervous, and extremely overwhelmed for what lay ahead of us.

It is hard to believe that a year has already elapsed.

Before moving I was talking to an older lady who moved several times, and she told me that with each move there were several blessings. She proceeded to explain that she met new friends, experienced new cultures, and her children experienced a different part of the country that otherwise they probably would not have. After our conversation, it really left an impression on me to view the upcoming year with an open mind. Now, I thought I would share some of our blessings from the past year.

1.) Preschool- In Georgia a typical preschool day was from 9:00-1:00 4 days a week for a 4 year old, here the typical preschool day was 9:00-11:30, same as Kindergarten, and only 3 days. I was dreading the short time and one less day, I mean really how was I ever going to get anything done. The blessing from the short preschool day was the growth of the boys' relationship. We were able to have picnics after school, play dates, and park trips all before naps. Over the past year, Holden and Rylan have become best friends, and their bond has become much stronger. This is definitely a better outcome than having "time" to run my errands. So the one thing I was dreading the most has turned into something I really love. A true blessing!

2.)My friend Irena- In my search for preschools, I spoke to Irena and she was kind enough to arrange a tour for Kevin. At parent orientation, she asked for volunteers so after the "Meet & Greet" session, I volunteered and introduced myself since I called her several times. Immediately, she gave me a website for activities and asked me to join her MOMS playgroup. I was a little hesitant, but I went that following Friday. What a great decision! That day I met so many great girls that over the past year have been become great friends. We all have such a blast together at Mom's Night Out, play dates, playgroups and outings. Not only has Irena been great in helping me meet people but she has been my "go-to-girl" for all things. For example, she led me to my hairdresser, doctors, dentist, photographer, directions to any store, neat places that are not known by many or simply put - you name she knows it or will find out! She has been such a blessing! I love her, not only for making the past year easier, but I value her friendship more than she will ever know.

3.)MOMS Club & Potluck Girls- I really can not say enough about the friendships that I have made over the past year. They truly have made this year much easier and a ton of fun!! We have had several fun outings with many of the MOMS girls and kids.

Our monthly potluck is something I look forward to each month. We always have so much fun, share many laughs, and the food is always great too. The boys have such a great time playing usually they never want to leave. I can not say enough about how much I treasure the friendships we have made through potluck. Thank you Sarah & Courtney!! Most of all we look forward to many, many more fun times and great memories!

4.)Church- Our church has been the best! The boys love going each Sunday, not sure if it has anything to do with the donuts they get each week, but what matters is that they love going there. From the children's activities, children's choir, VBS, sports activities, women's activities, the list could go on and on. I can not sat enough about the foundation they are building for our children, us, and our community. We are extremely blessed to have found our church home within the first month of moving here. However, I could not mention church without including my friend Holly, she is an extraordinary person. Another blessing and friendship that I cherish.

5.) Activities-There is never a lack of activities for the children. Our community has a great family friendly base. Great parks, great community center, great sports!

6.)Parks- I believe it is widely known much I adore the area parks! They are not only beautiful, each one is unique, offers a special activity, and FREE! Of all things, this is the one that has surprised me the most, how many wonderful parks this area has to offer!

7.)Family friendly-To my surprise, Cincinnati is a very family friendly city. I could probably list a thousand things to do that are free or cost a minimal amount. At our time in our lives, the move to Cincinnati has benefited the kids the most: they love the parks, farms, lakes, activities, and the friendships.

8.) No traffic!!!!- Living in Atlanta, you always had to deal with traffic!!! Not the case here, there is little or no traffic at all.

This is an often used phrase but it rings true - It does not matter where we are but who we are with!

Of course, everything is not perfect. We miss our family and friends, Publix, SEC football, drivers that use the left lane on the interstate, sweet tea, reasonable taxes, crown moulding, Southern charm, shopping, an international airport, spring, and Sweetwater 420 on tap. I'm sorry - Kevin hijacked my blog. Back to point, we look forward to what the future holds for us and hope that it brings blessings to all!!


the8gibsons said...

Awww- how sweet!!! I value your friendship too....more than you know!!! Such a great post! A lot has happened in a year! I am so glad you're here :)

Christi said...

I remember thinking our first move was exciting, but we didn't have children then. Now, I think the prospect would make me nervous, too. However, if I know you, you are always able to make friends and you shine where ever you are!