Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Time to Party!!!

Howdy Yall!

Grab your Hats & Cowboy Boots,

Saddle Up and Celebrate

Cowboy Holden turnin' 5 & Cowboy Rylan turnin' 2!
That is just what we did this past Saturday! All week long I was praying for good weather, for our "Cowboy Party", but Mother Nature had different plans. Saturday morning it was raining but then the clouds cleared. I thought to myself, "We are in luck! YEAH" So I went ahead and set up all the outdoor activities, decorations and games. Around 3:45 the rain set in again, I ran out and retrieved as much as possible to reset everything in the basement. Luckily, three of my sweet friends arrived and helped reorganize everything. At 4:00 the kids arrived and the rain stopped. This time it looked like we were in the clear for a while. I took my chances and put everything back out in the yard, yes once again. But this time we were in luck and the kids were able to enjoy dressing up as cowboys with hats, mustaches, and horses along with games, food, friends, and lots of cowboy fun. Here are some pictures from the party. I will go ahead and apologize for the picture overload...they are for our family who could not be with us to enjoy the Cowboy fun!

Before I begin posting pictures, I have to say a very special thank you to my sweet Aunt Becky who spent countless hours and money painting, brainstorming, buying, shipping, emailing, talking, and planning for this party. She is the best and I do not know what we would do with out her. Thank you so much Aunt Becky Ann, we love you so so much and appreciate everything you do for me and the boys! We are truly blessed and spoiled beyond belief! :)

Now on with the party....
Gift bags,
The food and cake.... S.more Pops
Cowboy Daddy,
The Games.....The kids played Sack Races,
Cow Bean Bag Toss,
Snake in the Boot,
Snake Ring Toss,
Panning for gold,
Tin Can Shoot Out,
And so much more.

Horses for our cowboys & cowgirls
Crafts,Cowboy & Cowgirl friends. Don't they look so sweet in their outfits! I just love it!
This is the only picture I took with the boys after the party! So here it goes...

Now even though the weather wasn't as great as I wished for, I know the boys and their friends had a great time. Happy Birthday Cowboy Holden & Cowboy Rylan!!! Can't believe another year has pasted, time to start planning for next years party...just kidding!


Amy said...

How do I get myself an Aunt Becky? :)
Everything looks SO cute. You did a great job and the pictures were great.
I especially like the panning for gold activity. How creative.

the8gibsons said...

Great job, girl!!!
Great party!
Thanks for including us!!

Amy said...