Monday, September 20, 2010

Young Explorers

With no preschool scheduled on Mondays, it is our day to craft, play, and explorer! Yes, I know I could spend the morning catching up on laundry, but what fun is that! Instead, this morning we made our second trip to the Cincinnati Nature Center to go hiking, plus it was free Mondays! On our last trip we hiked three trails. This time we began on the Geological Trail but somehow ended up on a totally different one! I am thinking I should not be the one reading the map! Thankfully, my little explorers did not seem to mind!There were creeks to cross, bridges to walk across, tons of stairs to go down, tons of rock stairs to climb, and some limbs that got in the way.
After 2 hours of hiking we made it back to the visitors center for our picnic lunch. Whew! These two were starving! (Don't worry Rylan was on my hip 90% of the time!) But our trip would not have been complete with out feeding the turtles and fish. A must with these boys!
What a great way to start our busy week!

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the8gibsons said...

Glad you found your way back!! Looks like a perfect day for a hike, though!! Great pictures! Love the one of the boys walking hand in hand!