Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Year after year, I buy the Halloween pumpkin carving kits with the templates thinking, "Oh this is going to be sooo easy." Yeah right! Will I ever learn? Again, I made the mistake of letting the boys pick the template they wanted for the pumpkins. Yep, not the brightest idea.

Kevin helped cut open the top and then we let the boys pull out all the seeds.
After that little messy task...they lost interest in helping, but wanted to watch. Now, who was left to finish carving the two pumpkins??? Yes, none other than me! Finally, here are our pumpkins...
Not bad...but look at how great they look at night!
Just in time for Halloween Trick-or-Treater's!

Halloween Party!

Wednesday was our MOMS Club Annual Halloween Party. The boys were so excited about the party all week. I mean really, what could be better than dressing and seeing your friends! Plus, just look at these two cuties! Eva was an octopus and Olivia was Little Miss Apple Dumpling, seriously could they be any more adorable!
I signed up to bring desserts. I could not decide what to make but finally, I ended up making Mummy Pops and Candy Corn Cupcakes...they both were a huge hit! The kids did Halloween crafts, played games,...yep, the boys finally got the marshmallow, and lots and lots of playing! What a fun time!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Field Trip & Weather!!

Yesterday was Holden's class field trip to Schappacher's Farm. I know we have been to a ton of farms but the kids love them. But unlike the other farms, the kids were able to feed some of the animals. Just look at these guys, they are just waiting for some food! Our class was able to feed these the cows some corn! How exciting! Holden loved these beauties, he could not resist showing them a little love. There is just something about this age of kids and animals peeing, they think it is hilarious! And when the cows decide to relieve themselves...laughter filled the farm!
Since this is a working farm they had chickens, and donkeys too. Again, the kids were able to feed them too. By now, I should mentioned the winds were picking up and you could see the storm rolling in. We were able to take a short hayride to the pumpkin patch and then back to the barn to have a snack when the rains set in. I am not talking about a shower I am talking about a STORM!! Thankfully, we moved indoors for questions and then called it a day.
The kids had a great time and we were lucky to be able to enjoy the farm before the rain.
This farm is really close to our house so we only had a short ride home when Kevin called to tell me we were under a tornado watch. When we pulled into the neighborhood the tornado sirens began to go off!
So we spent the reminder of the day in the basement. Watching a Halloween movie. But from the looks of these two they did not seem to mind.


We have big news!!!

Rylan pee-peed on the potty!!! All by himself!!! WHOO HOO!!!

He was sooo proud! He kept saying, "I did it!" "I did it!" "I did it!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time to BOO!

Last night, we waited until it was set out to BOO some neighbors. Holden was so excited all day about ringing the door bell and running. Especially at night! We drove around the neighborhood to see who did not have the ghost on their door, since that meant they had already been BOOED, and then plotted who we were going to BOO.After the first house I decide Holden is NOT going to get away with too much when he is older! First he looked through the windows before ringing the door bell, after ringing the door bell, he stood on the porch to see if anyone was coming, then after I grabbed him to run, he started talking really loud and laughing. If that was not enough, he saw a neighbors little girl looking out her window and he started yelling "Hey, so and so! It's Holden" and waving! Yes, he is not a sneaky one!! And Rylan was just as bad, laughing and saying "WOOOO!" while we were running to hide. So I am sure our neighbors know who BOOED them, but either way we had a blast. Can't wait until next year too see who we can BOO and actually get away with it! HA! But really what are the chances in that!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quote of the Day

Holden has said this quote several times, and each time it makes me laugh....

Tonight at bedtime, Holden says, "I love Mommy, I love Daddy, I love Rylan, and I love myself"

Well, there is no debating he has a good self esteem!!

We've been BOOED!!

Our neighbors in Alpharetta used to love to BOO each other. This time last year, we were still in the corporate apartment so NO neighborhood BOO. Honestly, I did not think anyone in our neighborhood had heard of this until tonight....We were BOOED!!! And look at how cute our little bucket is! WOW!! What a surprise! Now, we are plotting who we should BOO tomorrow night. (I guess I need to get to Target before tomorrow night! HA!) Let the fun begin!

(Just in case you have never heard of BOOING, it is when you leave a bag/bucket of goodies on the doorstep, ring the door bell , then run and hide!! Sounds like fun right!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Second Week of 31 Days of Halloween

I am a little behind with posting, but we have been so busy with activities and our countdown to candy. But better late than never, here is a recap of last week's activities...
Make your own Goblin Munch with pumpkins, candy corn, pretzels, and chocolate sprinkles...Make your own Halloween Marshmallow pops. We made several different ones, here is a Frankenstein one,
Ghost Pops.....
Skeleton Pops....
Rylan loving the chocolate...go figure!
Pumpkin pops....
Make your own skeleton out of iced bones... Grammy kept eating the bones when we were not looking. Holden and Grammy were up to no good:)
Spook-tacular puppets with Grammy...BOO Nanners....These were a BIG hit!
Spider Cookies,
Rylan loves the chocolate chips and the icing!!
And our countdown would not be complete without some fun lunches...

The boys acting silly with vampire apple teeth...A little brotherly love... Spiderweb sandwiches with a "real" spider, cheese fingers, witches hats, and goblin juice.The famous Mummy dogs, witches brooms, witches hats and vampire apple teeth... Ghost sandwiches, vampire apple teeth, cheese fingers, and pumpkin juice...

Some much more fun in store for these two little ones!!!