Tuesday, October 5, 2010

31 Days of Halloween!

31 days of Halloween...yes, there are just too many activities, treats, lunches, and crafts not to make the entire month about Halloween! Originally, I had the idea and just thought of telling the kids each day what we were going to do but then my sweet Aunt just happened to find this calendar... it is great! I placed a sheet of paper written with the surprise activity for each day in the pockets. The boys LOVE it!!! The first day was not really Halloween related but it was Kevin's birthday so Holden and Rylan both helped make the cake and other treats. It was Holden's idea to place his football guys on the cake, pretty clever. We decided to go with the football theme since you know Kevin loves his Gators, even though they did not really show up to play Saturday night but we will not talk about that, as much as he loves us!!So here are a couple of highlights from the first 5 days of 31 Days of Halloween.
Do you remember Shrinky Dinks? I do and I used to love them! Again, my sweet aunt sent a Halloween version for the boys. First we colored, cut, baked, then decorated our spooky tree.This was a long and fun activity for Monday! Then today it was caramel apples and foam pumpkins. I let the boys dip the apple slices in homemade caramel then dip in either sprinkles, M&M's or graham crackers. Rylan decided it was just easier to spoon the caramel in his mouth, along with the graham crackers! Uh Oh, I'm caught! Yummy!! Then while I made lunch they decorated their foam pumpkins. Oh, so many more fun things planned! I can not wait to see their little faces with all the surprises I have in store!
And we can not celebrate Halloween without decorations, so here are a couple of the ones we have out....
The Spooky treat tree!!!
I decided instead of posting each day, it would be exhausting, I will highlight at the end of the week what surprises the boys had. What fun!!! Happy Halloween!

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the8gibsons said...

Adorable!!! I love those orange and black decorative balls!!
Looks like they had so much fun with the shrinky dinks! My kids love those too!!