Sunday, October 10, 2010

First week of 31 Days of Halloween

Our 31 Days of Halloween has been so much fun so far. Holden & Rylan love to read what we get to do that day. Most of the time they are hoping it involves treats, but either way they are enjoying our countdown to candy! Here are some of our activities from the week....

Decorating pumpkins with the Family Fun Pumpkin Pals Kit.
Holden with his masterpieces!And just in case you needed a closer look at these pals, here you go...Salt Spooky Creations. These are sort of like play dough, however, you cook the creations after they have been molded to make them hard.
We decided to make ghost, skeletons, spiders and bats. Here is our spooky scene...
Halloween cookies. Whenever we make cookies, it seems to take forever! I decide that Holden and I would do this activity while Rylan was napping. Do not worry Rylan enjoyed eating them, and was not bothered that we did not wait for him.
Saturday was our adventure to Halloween Nights at Parky's Farm. Those pictures will be on a separate post. And our skeleton from today, is taking a little longer to finish than expected so once it is finished I will post.
This week I will make sure to take pictures of our fun lunches. This past week was filled with picnics at the park, and I forgot to capture the creations. 21 days 'til Halloween, so much time for fun activities!!

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