Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look who came to visit

Guess who came to visit??? Sadako, better known as Grammy! The boys were so excited to see her! First, they enjoyed a picnic lunch together, then they fought over who was going to sit in her lap. As you can see they compromised, both were able to share a leg! While Rylan napped, Holden and Grammy made Halloween puppets, didn't they turn out cute! Then it was on to the sports! Grammy played basketball, Holden decided he was going to coach her and Rylan, baseball, tennis, and even enjoyed a bike ride! (I forgot to snap those pictures!) And like all guest have to endure, bedtime stories cuddled in the bed together. Grammy's trip has started off as a busy one, but I know she is enjoying herself and does not have a problem with being showered with love!


Amy said...

love the puppets! Such fun crafts. I look forward to when Mills and I can do puppets etc. Nick Jr. online has some cute little crafts to do that look very uncostly, but he is still way to young for them. I am thinking that Fridays are going to be our "craft" and outing days. Told Erik the other day that I am going to have to make it our special fun day. I look forward to it and I think it's neat that all I have to do is get on the website and print out the templates.

the8gibsons said...

Awww- precious moments with her you captured!! Love them! I'm sure she is loving being here with you all!!

Elizabeth said...

Amy, you will have so much fun planning crafts and adventures for you and Mills. Trust me, I enjoy it as much as the boys do! Another great site is Family Fun, they have ideas according to the child's age. Thye have the cutest ideas for crafts, foods, and games. Can't wait to see all the fun you all have together.