Monday, October 11, 2010

MOMS Club Family Night Out

Saturday night was our MOMS Club, Family Night Out at Parky's Farm. During October they have Halloween Nights with lights, pony rides, wagon hay rides, magic shows, music, bonfires, animals, and so much more. The boys were so excited all day about going, I on the other hand have been fighting a cold/allergies and was thinking that a farm was not going to help matters. And wouldn't you know it, I think I sneezed the entire time! But enough about me, here is some of the fun the boys had at Halloween Nights!
There is just something about kids and hay bales, they LOVE them! Especially, my two!
Here is our wild crew...don't they look like a fun bunch!

The animals, I know, I just love pictures of the kids on the fence. I do not know why! But there is just something about their excitement and innocence to see what everything looks like from above that makes me just want to capture it. You will just have to bare with me!

The lights, magic show, not so haunted house, and pony rides. What a fun family night out with friends and our little cowboys!

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the8gibsons said...

Looks like so much fun- I love Rylan sitting on that pony! So cute! Wish we could have stopped by!!