Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Year after year, I buy the Halloween pumpkin carving kits with the templates thinking, "Oh this is going to be sooo easy." Yeah right! Will I ever learn? Again, I made the mistake of letting the boys pick the template they wanted for the pumpkins. Yep, not the brightest idea.

Kevin helped cut open the top and then we let the boys pull out all the seeds.
After that little messy task...they lost interest in helping, but wanted to watch. Now, who was left to finish carving the two pumpkins??? Yes, none other than me! Finally, here are our pumpkins...
Not bad...but look at how great they look at night!
Just in time for Halloween Trick-or-Treater's!

1 comment:

the8gibsons said...

Great job on the pumpkins- I especially like the P pumpkin! So cute!!