Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunflower Festival

This weekend was Gorman Farm annual Sunflower Festival. I know I have become a little obsessed with sunflowers, but they are so beautiful! We made plans to meet our friends this morning for a little fall fun. The kids had so much fun visiting the children's garden, sunflowers, seeing the farm animals, wagon and tractor rides, farm obstacle coarse, crafts, petting area, hay bales, music, picnic, and so much more! I just love fall and all the fun it has to offer!!!

Interesting story from the day, while on the wagon ride one of the volunteers was talking about the mules pulling our wagon. He gave us the history of mules, about their nature and so forth, then he told us that these two particular ones came from Covington, Tennessee. What! That is where I am from! He told me the family they bought these from and the funny thing is, I know them! Actually he is the fire chief. Once I got home I had to call my Mom and Grandparents. They got the biggest kick out of it. I mean really what are the chances of us to go to a random farm in Ohio and it having a connection to my home town? What a small world!

I am sure you can tell Maddie was a big hit today...both boys fought over holding her hand. It is easy to see why, she is such a sweet girl, and thankfully did not seem to mind all the attention. Another fun fall adventure shared with friends!

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