Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time to BOO!

Last night, we waited until it was dark...7:00...to set out to BOO some neighbors. Holden was so excited all day about ringing the door bell and running. Especially at night! We drove around the neighborhood to see who did not have the ghost on their door, since that meant they had already been BOOED, and then plotted who we were going to BOO.After the first house I decide Holden is NOT going to get away with too much when he is older! First he looked through the windows before ringing the door bell, after ringing the door bell, he stood on the porch to see if anyone was coming, then after I grabbed him to run, he started talking really loud and laughing. If that was not enough, he saw a neighbors little girl looking out her window and he started yelling "Hey, so and so! It's Holden" and waving! Yes, he is not a sneaky one!! And Rylan was just as bad, laughing and saying "WOOOO!" while we were running to hide. So I am sure our neighbors know who BOOED them, but either way we had a blast. Can't wait until next year too see who we can BOO and actually get away with it! HA! But really what are the chances in that!


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Amy said...

Too cute.
I made my girls run to our neighbors house during the middle of the day (when I knew no one would be home) because, just like your boys, they definitely know how to cause a scene. :)