Sunday, October 24, 2010

We've been BOOED!!

Our neighbors in Alpharetta used to love to BOO each other. This time last year, we were still in the corporate apartment so NO neighborhood BOO. Honestly, I did not think anyone in our neighborhood had heard of this until tonight....We were BOOED!!! And look at how cute our little bucket is! WOW!! What a surprise! Now, we are plotting who we should BOO tomorrow night. (I guess I need to get to Target before tomorrow night! HA!) Let the fun begin!

(Just in case you have never heard of BOOING, it is when you leave a bag/bucket of goodies on the doorstep, ring the door bell , then run and hide!! Sounds like fun right!)


Amy said...

FUN!!!!! I want to start doing that here. I wonder how I could get that started without someone calling the police! LOL And as for our pumpkins...I'm sure I won't be laughing at yours!!! I just used two templates out of a book. For Mills name, I used Microsoft word, typed Mills name, found and EASY font, and taped it on before tracing and cutting! LOL

the8gibsons said...

We just got boooooed Sunday night and my kids LOVE it! They were getting worried because we hadn't been booed yet!! It is so much fun!