Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Winery in Ohio????

A winery in Ohio??? Those were my thoughts exactly! But actually there are quite a few around here. Surprising I know! A couple of months ago, I read about a family owned winery celebrating 40 years in the wine industry called Valley Vineyards. I loved the history of the vineyard and especially the fact that it is a third generation family run operation. Plus, it just happened to be about 15 minutes from our house so I knew the next time our babysitters, the grandparents, were in town this was going to be our "Date Night" destination.
We arrived at sunset, this was the only decent picture of the vineyard.
On the weekends they have wine tasting of all 18 wines and a weekend cookout. How this works is, you taste the wines and then select a bottle to accompany your meal. You have a choice of steak or salmon then you grill your meal. The sides and salads are inside after you've grilled. Sounds like alot of work on a night "off" but it was so much fun. We selected Red Reflections as our wine. After dinner and dessert, I could not leave without tasting their famous Ice wine. Ice Wine is when the grapes are harvested when they are 32 degrees. This wine was really, really sweet, but I was glad we tasted it. We had the pleasure of meeting the owners who helped us select some great wines to take home. Kevin and I enjoyed our date night at the Valley Vineyard. Who knew Ohio wine could actually be good? On a side note, I told Kevin that he had better not think this was going to take the place of our trip to Napa, hmm he just laughed! But I just wanted to make sure he knew!!! We will have to make another trip back to Valley Vineyard really soon!

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the8gibsons said...

SO glad you got a date night!! Sounds like a neat place!