Monday, November 29, 2010

Making Holiday Memories

As a part of the MOM's Club that I am in, I organize the monthly Kids Day Out and Family Night Out. This month was Kids Day Out, I decide that we would go to Iron's Farm to make Gingerbread houses. I loved the idea that they provided everything we need to make the gingerbread houses and even helped the kids decorate! An added less mess for me to clean up! Now, I know this is probably not our only house we will make this holiday season, but it helped the group get into the holiday spirit and the boys had a great time with their friends!

Here is a little glimpse of the fun...
And you would know that my little munchkins ate probably half of the "decorations" before we even got started! Gotta love them!

Now we are officially in the holiday spirit or at least for me. Holden on the other hand, is just waiting for the 25 Days of Christmas fun to begin on Wednesday!

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was full of travel, family, friends, cooking, Black Friday shopping, football, and alot of fun! Every time we go to Georgia for the holidays we are always so busy! We have great plans of seeing all of our friends, going to all of our favorite places but somehow time just gets the best of us. However, this weekend we piled in as much as possible! First, some surprises for the boys Thanksgiving morning... and I could not leave the rest of the family out of the hat fun! Ha! Look at these two, now I see where my boys get all their mischief from!!! And as for a feast, just take a look!
As crazy as it may sound, Kevin and I wake up every Black Friday for the sales! This year it was a little earlier than usual but we were out the door and in line at Target before 3:30. Yes, you are reading that correctly, 3:30 am. We got all of our shopping complete except for two items, which I bought this morning on Cyber Monday! All in all, it was a fun date for the two of us, even if it was at 3:30 in the morning. We had several cups of coffee and even ate at my favorite bagel shop, my kind of date. Every year I can not decide if Kevin enjoys going shopping with me on Black Friday or if he goes to curve the spending....I am thinking it is the latter of the two:)
After shopping all morning it was time for some fun and football! Holden and Rylan always have so much fun with their grandparents and Aunt Jen Jen! I am sure you can see why, games of football at the high school, (I think Dad-daddy was defeated and worn out!!) nature walks, lots of hot cocoa, and craziness with Aunt Jen Jen.
Our trip had an unexpected arrival too. Our friends Greg and Natascha had their first baby, Preston. Poor Natascha has been on bed rest for the past month and on Wednesday, her doctors decided to perform an emergency C-section. I am happy to report that both baby and mom are healthy and recovering at home now. Isn't Preston beautiful!! A perfect Thanksgiving blessing! Oh, how could I forget, the boys received a special delivery from Santa in the mail at Grammy & Dad-daddy's. You guess it, our elf Christian arrived and somehow he managed to make it back to Ohio before we did! What a little magical elf! I wonder what kind of mischief he will get into this year?
Even though our visit was jam packed, we were still able to enjoy Thanksgiving with family!Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from our little turkeys to yours!
"Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1Thessalonians 5:16-18
Happy Thanksgiving 2010!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Decking the Halls

Since we travel for the holidays, I had the bright idea to decorate for Christmas over the weekend. What a mess!!!! I am not completely finished but the boys trees are up and decorated, along with our family tree. The boys were both so excited to decorate their trees. This was a first, usually Holden will start decorating but then always stopped. However, this year he did it all by himself and then helped Rylan. Shocker, I know! Now, I did notice that some how a couple of Rylan's ornaments ended up on Holden's but either way they helped each other. Here are some of their favorite ornaments from their trees... It was so sweet to watch Rylan admiring his tree at night. He just loved it. I can tell he is really going to enjoy Christmas and all the lights! And then finally, admiring the family tree all lit up! More pictures of our "decked" halls to come soon.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's time for a feast

Friday the boys both had their annual Thanksgiving Feast at preschool. I was beyond excited. I know, this will probably be the only year that both boys will have their parties at the same time so that I can attend both. I loved how their feast encouraged the entire family to attend, just like being at "your" family Thanksgiving dinner. Holden's class began their festivities first with Turkey songs followed by their chapel worship songs.
(Here is a little turkey song...enjoy!)

Then it was time for a feast!!! Just look at all the food!! Like I said, a family style feast! Isn't this the cutest turkey cheese spread?! If only I would have thought of it..HAHA! Next, year!

After Holden's performance, I snuck out to set up the tables for Rylan's class feast. Do not worry, Holden was not by himself, Kevin made it back in town for all the festivities. He stayed at Holden's feast for games, crafts and other activities.

While Rylan's class took a "train" ride around the building, we set up for their feast. Again it was encourage for all families to attend, and what a great turnout it was! After their little prayer, it was time to eat....just look at this great spread. And such cute turkey cookies! Kevin was able to sneak over for Rylan's feast too. But Rylan did not stop eating to say "hello"! HA! After eating a wonderful feast with his classmates, Rylan played some fun games and made a cute turkey craft.This years feast have to be two of the best preschool parties ever!

I know this time of year, we are reminded to be thankful for everything and count our blessing, and I am. I am thankful I am able to stay at home with the boys not only to see them grow day to day but to be able to attend all their activities. What great memories. Happy Feasting!