Monday, November 15, 2010

Day Trip!

Saturday we decided to take a little day trip to visit COSI in Columbus, Ohio. COSI is the acronym for Center of Science and Industry and was voted the #1 Science Center in the country and I can see why. The boys had a great time exploring all the hands on exhibits which began as soon as we walked in the door. The oceans exhibit with a real submarine that the boys were able to sit in. Talk about tight quarters!! the space exhibit with robots that they could control, I am not sure you can see but at the far left end is Holden pulling the rope that then pulled the car up off the ground. He thought this was the coolest and kept saying "how strong he was" yes, all 36 pounds!!! HA! Rylan loved dressing up as a doctor in the Kidszone. Here are his sick patients...such great actors. I think I see future professions right before my eyes, Rylan the "doctor" and Holden the "actor"! Suit their personalities to a tee. Some other activities in the Kidszone the boys enjoyed were, figuring out which animal each x-ray film was, viewing the electricity currents, and the air shooting up from a pipe is always a hit.
Here is a look of downtown Columbus! All and all, COSI was well worth the drive (a little over an hour) for a day filled with science and exploration! Not to mention it was free with our Cincinnati museum passes...what could be better than that!

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